I am a creator.

A portal between the Spiritual realm and the physical realm. My intuition and Spirituality guides Me in all I do, including My Kink.

I am patient, understanding, and caring. The life I live, the people in it, everything I do, all comes from a place of love, including My discipline and punishments.

Do not mistake My lovingness for weakness. I correct and punish those whom I love. It fills Me with pleasure to watch you become a better human.

I do not tolerate time wasters, incompetence and lost causes.

I am Goddess Pi Queer-Demisexual.

I've been kinky all My life and have been a "Lifestyle" Domme for 10+ years, nontraditional relationships much longer.

I work hard and play harder. I have many hobbies; dancing, designing and creating contraptions, building, I love to explore, travel, have adventures, I seek any adrenaline pumping activities; skydiving, bungee jumping, white water rafting, My specialty is playing with fire, all while doing this without toxic chemicals in My body.

I hold Myself to high standards, and have high standards of the people in My life. I push Myself out of my comfort zones, I will push you out of yours. While maintaining boundaries and keeping safety a priority. I derive great pleasure out of challenging people to become their best.

I've been trained on many of the more "dangerous" kinks listed in the sessions page, all of them I've had previous experience with. I will not subject a person to a scene without prior experience.

My favorite type of humans; Women and Femmes 1st, 2nd - Bi/Queer men and closeted bi-curious men. Nothing I love more then to have a man on his knees in front of Me, sucking, gagging, and drooling on My strap-on.

The life I have created is beautifully amazing, I am now willing to share parts of that with you.

Who is Goddess Pi?